Working With a Vancouver Realtor

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  1. Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent                                                   
  2. Trust Issues

Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent

There is no such thing as a silly question.  Are you wondering exactly what to ask your Realtor® - what you need to get clear about when you first ‘interview’ them for the job of selling your home in the least amount of time, for the most money?  Here are some good questions we haven’t already covered in the previous chapters:
  • Are you currently working with any buyers who might be interested in my home?
  • How would you price my home?  Realtors®’ estimates can differ widely, so ask for their reasoning.  Don’t just pick the agent offering the highest valuation, because there’s no guarantee they will get that price.
  • Which marketing strategies would be the most effective for my home?
  • What type of representation do you provide and what do I have to sign?
  • How long should the listing period be for my home?

Trust Issues

Remember: all Realtors® owe certain fiduciary duties to their clients.  That means, generally speaking, that they ought to put the client’s interests above anyone else’s; keep client information confidential; obey the client’s lawful instructions; report to the client anything that would be useful; and account to the client for any money involved.

Even though you have signed a contract with a real estate agent you trust, it’s still a good idea to try and keep up with local real estate news, keep abreast of mortgage rates, stay on top of economic predictions, and the like.

Even if you cannot digest all the information yourself, you will be able to make informed inquiries to your agent.Once you have an agent, stay in regular contact, be firm about progress reports and make sure they are getting prospective buyers in the door.

Now that you know more about working with a Realtor® in Vancouver, it is time to think  about the reason why you are selling in the first place.

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