British Columbia Fast Facts

From Tourism BC here are some interesting facts about British Columbia.  This is a great website to check out if you are looking for places to visit in this great province.
  • Capital city: Victoria on Vancouver Island
  • Population: 4.5 million (concentrated in Vancouver, population 2.3 million, and Victoria, population 368,000)
  • Canada's third most populated province (after Ontario and Quebec)
  • Only province in Canada to experience a "West Coast special": ski and golf in the same day
  • Westernmost of Canada's 10 provinces
  • History: Entered Canadian confederation in 1871
  • Total Area: 944,735km sq/364,764mi sq
  • Highest Point: Fairweather Mountain, 4,663m/15,299ft
  • Lowest Point: Pacific Ocean, sea level
  • Longest River: Fraser River, 1,368km/850mi
  • Largest Lake: Williston Lake (reservoir), 1,761km sq/680mi sq
  • Largest Island: Vancouver Island, 32,137km sq/12,408mi sq
  • Provincial Flower: Pacific dogwood
  • Provincial Tree: Western redcedar
  • Provincial Bird: Steller's jay
  • Provincial Gemstone: Jade
  • Provincial Motto: "Splendour without diminishment"