Britannia Mine

This is my favourite Vancouver attraction, and has been ever since I was young.  I think I was first introduced to it on a field trip in grade 5, and I have been smitten with it ever since.  Located halfway between Vancouver and Whistler it makes for a good afternoon stop or a great destination on its own. 

There is something so incredible about witnessing what once was a working mine, with the best part being that you get to get into a mine train and go underground into a real tunnel! I know I am describing this as though I am ten, but it really is something else!!  Along the way the guides explain all the details of how everything once worked.  What always surprises me is no matter how hot it is outside, when you go into the tunnel it is like being in an over air conditioned hotel room, with no lights.  The air feels still and stale and for the first few minutes it is a little disconcerting.  Once you get a little further in there are dim lights and as your eyes adjust it doesn't feel quite so strange.

Once you have done the underground tour, head off to pan for gold.  Yes!  There really is gold flakes which you can collect and keep in a tiny jar.  My kids and I could do this for hours on end, each of us trying to find more gold than the other. 

If you love history or are just hoping to find some gold this is a great place for the whole family.  You can find all the information to get there here