Enbridge - Stand Up and Say NO BC

I am not politically minded, nor do I ever hope to be, but on some things I will take a stand.  The proposed Enbridge pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen for BC.  On June 17, 2014 the Harper government gave the approval for the pipeline construction, although it still has a long ways to go before it actually happens.  It must be easy for anyone who doesn't live in this beautiful province to not consider the sheer disaster that will (not if) occur should this pipeline be constructed.  It is time that we started looking at the Earth and protecting it, instead of destroying it is quickly as we can, all in the name of politics and money. 

Christy Clark is in a position that I am sure no political leader would want to find themselves in.  However, let's remember that is how she got into power in the first place - by promising to eliminate the hated HST in BC.  Now, I would suggest that British Columbians are not likely known for their efforts to get out and vote.  In the last provincial election, less than 48% actually voted, which is down from the 51% that participated in 2009. However, I do believe that when it comes to affecting our amazing environment that we will take action to protect it. 

  Harper - take note!  Both opponents in the next federal election have vowed to pull the plug on this project should they be elected.  One of them just got my vote. I hope the people in British Columbia stand up and say NO to the pipeline. Our beautiful province continues to give to us, it is time to give back.