Avoid Insurance Pitfalls with Poly B

You may have heard of Polybutylene Piping, commonly referred to as Poly B.  If not, you are likely wondering what it is. Poly B is a flexible plastic piping that was extensively used in 1978 -1995.  It was a great choice at the time because it was a lot cheaper than copper.  However, after some years in use it became clear that the benefits did not outweigh the risks.  Poly B can burst and cause huge damage in homes.  Poly B was discontinued after the mid 90’s due to the risks of it failing.  Poly B is an even bigger problem now because insurance companies are starting to say they won’t cover it.  Currently if you own a detached home you can pay extra for your water damage deductible and have coverage but in stratas it is almost impossible to get it.  What do you do if you have Poly B piping?  The first step is identifying what type of piping you have.  Get a plumber to come in and do an inspection.  The initial inspection will be visual and if it is determined that the piping is Poly B you will want to get an estimate to replace it.  Re piping in walls is one thing but what if you have it in floor?  Many people think the only thing they can do is jackhammer out their floor and replace the piping which is likely not financially viable.  The best option, in my opinion, would be to drain the in floor system and shut it down.  You could then repipe the home and add radiant wall / floor mounted heaters.  This can be done with either gas or electric heat.  Poly B should not be taken lightly and if you are looking at purchasing a home that has it you’ll need some expert advice on what to do.  If you have a home to sell that has Poly B you’ll definitely want to consider getting it removed prior to selling or you should be taking the cost of replacement into your price.  The most important thing when Buying or Selling is to make sure you are working with a professional Realtor who is aware of the issues that can arise and is current on insurance and other information that could have serious negative consequences.  They will assist you in how best to handle any situations that arise during your transaction.es here