Moving Out, Moving In- Real Estate

You may want to read the previous chapter on making the deal firm and closing it.

On closing day, after you sign the closing documents and get the keys, the house is officially yours.  Presumably, you’re all packed and ready (unless you plan to complete renovations prior to moving in).  Here are some tips to make sure your move goes smoothly:
  • Select a moving option: they range from renting your own truck to hiring a professional from a huge van lines company.  Ask friends and family for recommendations.  Get a few written estimates of moving costs. Do not necessarily go with the cheapest option - often there is a reason they are the cheapest
  • Rent a storage unit if need be.
  • Make travel arrangements for your family and pets if moving a long distance.
  • Tell all your service providers (cable, phone etc.) about the move.  Notify schools, doctors, bankers, etc. of your new address.  Just to be 100% sure, arrange for 6 months’ worth of mail forwarding at Canada Post, which takes the pressure off in case you’ve forgotten anyone.  If, at the end of this period, you still find that your mail is being sent to your old address, definitely urge the sender to update your address and consider prolonging the mail-forwarding service.Garage sale
  • Pare down your belongings by giving things away, selling larger items online, or having a yard sale.
  • Collect or buy boxes and begin to pack items, starting with ‘least-used’ first.  Label the boxes as you go.  Set aside keys, garage door openers and alarm codes so you can provide these to your real estate agent for the new owners of your own house.

As the moving truck pulls up in front of your old home, say goodbye to it – and enjoy the feeling that a new, exciting adventure has just begun. 

Welcome mat
Good job, you’ve just purchased a new home for you and your family!  Michelle and her team are thrilled that they could help you with this important life decision.

This chapter concludes our Vancouver Home Buying Guide.  Thank you for sticking around and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have about Vancouver homes.

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