Planning a Home Sale in Vancouver

This is the first chapter of our Vancouver Home Selling Guide.  We hope that you will find it informative!

  1. Can You Keep Up?
  2. Your Real Estate Agent

When you are about to sell your home, it can feel like you are up against a lot.  There is so much to consider: preparations, paperwork, price, market conditions, your future plans…  Obviously, you want to be done with it all as soon as possible, and as successfully as possible. 

Careful planning, preparation and strategy are crucial to make sure the sale of your home goes smoothly and to your ultimate advantage.How can being smart about the preparation stage help you speed the sale up and close the deal at a price you can live with? 

Show your home in a positive light; let buyers know that you have been taking good care of the property, and that the house has been a pleasure to live in.  Tell your Realtor® what your favourite things are about your house.  Often pointing them out to potential Buyers will help them to make a connection. Remember, first impressions count.

Can You Keep Up?

Every home sale is a unique transaction and depends on a myriad of factors.  Of course, what you want as a seller is to get a good deal so that you can move onwards and upwards.  But there are obstacles: the real estate market is slowly but surely getting more complicated every year, with stringent requirements for seller disclosure, environmental considerations, and ever-changing mortgage regulations.  Potential buyers are savvier than ever, and typically have real estate agents working on their behalf to gain a negotiating advantage.  Put simply, the process is much more intricate than even as recently as a decade ago.

Your Real Estate Agent

As clever and resourceful as you are, you should definitely hire your own Realtor® to represent you when selling your home.  Here are some suggestions on choosing the right real estate agent to help you with the sale:The right agent should:
  • understand your plans and goals,
  • work frequently in your neighbourhood,Selling your West Vancouver Home North Vancouver Home
  • have experience selling homes in your price range,
  • have a high success rate (good list-to-sale ratio and low days-on-market stats),
  • belong to a respected brokerage,
  • be well-connected (with other agents, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, etc.),
  • have time to work closely with you,
  • be able to answer all your questions, and
  • be very internet-savvy.
Each of these points can and should be turned into a question to ask your prospective Realtor® about her or his record. 

Be sure to ask your family, neighbours and friends for referrals of trusted real estate agents too!  Your agent will bring to the table experience and training in many fields, such as effective real estate marketing, current market knowledge, keen negotiation skills, and of course, the expertise to guide you through the transaction once you find
your buyer. 

Once well-represented, you will be the David who brings her or his own Goliath into the ‘fight’.

Now that you know how to arm yourself before a home sale, learn what a real estate agent can do for you.

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